06 november 2020

C YOU ME AND THE CITY is my new, completely personal project. It’s a kind of diary, started in April this year as a very free variation of a standard log and it’s intended as an "ongoing project". The end of this project is as open as the end of the Covid-19 pandemic. These works were created during this first year with Covid-19. The ambition of this project is NOT to document this time chronologically and objectively. Much more, it is a free and very personal collection of images, texts and thoughts that have accompanied and occupied me through the year 2020. Said this, you can find many of the themes that made 2020 so unique in these works, of course.

C YOU ME AND THE CITY ist mein neues, rein persönliches Projekt. Es ist eine Art Tagebuch, begonnen im April dieses Jahres, allerdings in einer sehr freien Variante. C YOU ME AND THE CITY ist zudem als ein "Ongoing Project" gedacht. Das Ende dieses Projekts ist genauso offen wie das Ende der Covid-19 Pandemie. Diese Arbeiten sind im Laufe dieses ersten Jahres mit Covid-19 entstanden. Sie erheben NICHT den Anspruch, diese Zeit chronologisch und objektiv zu dokumentieren. Vielmehr sind sie eine freie, subjektive Sammlung von Bildern, Texten und Gedanken, die mich in diesem Jahr 2020 begleitet und beschäftigt haben. Trotzdem findet sich natürlich einiges von dem, was dieses Jahr ausmacht, in den Arbeiten wieder.

Find out more: projects / c you me and the city

14 february 2020

Welcome to a new decade and on my homepage (again)! The new year 2020 started brilliantly and with completely new experiences for me. A trip to South Africa. A trip to the "Mother City".

What came out of it can be viewed and read under "projects / 19 days in cape town". This project means a lot to me so I hope you like it.

Further some new pictures in "empty places" and two new pieces of my good friend Markus Reuter in "people / music". Thank you Markus! It’s always a pleasure to work with you!

And what else are the prospects for the new year? For example some drawings for a collective exhibition in Passau in April on the subject of "home". A topic that lends itself to deal with it more critically in these times. A first major collaboration with my friends from "helloham" which I am really looking forward to.

And a completely new, own story that waits for a while now to finally be implemented. So there is a lot to do again. Keep you posted…

1 october 2019

Another bigger update on my homepage with some new stuff I’m pretty proud of. New are the "Street Apes and other illustrations", an going illustration project you can find on my illustration page.

Further some new portraits with many thanks to Anneke van Giersbergen (former singer from The Gathering), Mariusz Duda (from Riverside and Lunatic Soul), Marc Mennigmann and Binder.

Portraits for a project I did with Grey Germany and that I like a lot: "Nicht mein Erbe". Done and developed by Grey creatives togther with the GLS bank for the worldwide climate strike on the 20th September in collaboration with "Fridays for Future".

Several new pictures for the Cityscapes and three new pictures for the AIR musicians. Two more words about the AIR project: I’m anyway more than thankful for any of the musicians who joins this project and they all do an amazing job here! But I have to say – look at Michal Lapaj from Riverside. Isn’t he breathtaking?! And yes, he’s surely posing here… on one hand. But if you ever experienced him live on stage with Riverside you know – he acts this way. He’s simply… true… wow. (By the way in case you shouldn’t experienced "Riverside" yet you should do that – they are absolutely fantastic.) But thank you so much again to all the wonderful musicians who are included so far in this project!!! And I’m happy to say – more is already in progress. So stay tuned.

Another change on this page: If you’re interested in Storyboard pictures or Event and Making of photography please feel invited to contact me. I will be happy to send you my portfolio for those things immediately as a PDF.

More soon.

Photo by Michal Lapaj

17 june 2019

A first, bigger update for my homepage is done. Especially the "people / music" page has a few changes. Several new works like portraits of German musician Markus Reuter (Stick Men, Crimson Project, Centrozoon) or of South African producer Carlien de Kok. And already existing works are added and combined in a way I wanted to do for a while now.

Further on the "projects" page you can find now all the illustrations done for the "Really Sick" campaign. I’m happy and proud to say that these illustrations have won a bronze nail award in the category "Illustration" at the world wide established ADC Festival in Germany 2019.

30 march 2019

Very honoured and happy to get the IF Design Award in gold together with Jennifer Gauselmann from Grey Germany for our work for Terre des Femmes. Many thanks again to the great team that worked on "Open your Eyes"! It was a pleasure to work with you and make the photos for this outstanding campaign.

12 february 2019

On the road again with Steven Wilson and his amazing band. It was pure fun to join these great guys in Bochum and Hamburg on the "To the Bone" Tour finish – and it was surely another early highlight for me this year. Many thanks to Steven Wilson, Nick Beggs, Adam Holzman, Craig Blundell, Alex Hutchings and Dave Salt. Please see more of the photos I did on my facebook account.

18 january 2019

New pictures of the photo series "Oh, you are a singer? And what do you do during the day?" The everyday life of an opera diva with the great Franziska Dannheim, sometimes with a wink. There will be more to come later this year… I’m looking forward to it!

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