air musicians

This is my new project that I called "AIR musicians".

You surely know these sometimes a bit strange looking "air guitar contests" where people who are obviously not pro musicians doing funny things with their non existing guitars.

Watching this I thought: how would it look like when professional or even world class musicians are playing their instrument AIR like?

So I started this project a few months ago. I have to say that there was no music playing in the background while we did the pics. No "kind support" for the guys. It all comes from the mind and the creativity of the protagonists.

While doing this there were a few aspects that are still very fascinating to me. Watching and photographing these guys, even when playing their own instrument without having their instruments in their hands they can’t hide the big passion and the love they have for the things they do. And further these images show their very different characters while they are "playing".

I hope there will be many more who will join this project in the future – it is pure fun and very exciting to experience those guys (and ladies hopefully very soon) on this way.

The first musicians who were so kind to support and join my project are Adam Holzman, Alex Hutchings, Nick Beggs, Steve Hackett, Craig Blundell and Markus Reuter. Many thanks for that guys!!!!!!

To be continued….

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Düsseldorf, Germany

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